Sumi-e Artist
Yu-ki Nishimoto

Yu-ki Nishimoto
Date of Birth:April, 6th, 1988
Place of Birth:Kagoshima, Japan
Company:Genietto LLC.

Yu-ki Nishimoto, is one of the most famous Indian ink artists in Japan. He has attracted fans from around the world. He uses both aggressive and sensitive strokes in his works to convey both lively and powerful expression. Using the techniques he has learnt, he seeks out new styles that differ from the traditional methods most commonly used. The motifs of his paintings vary between classical and modern subjects, such as dragons and samurais or athletes and musicians respectively.

He has received many opportunities to perform live painting at events and on TV shows. He did a live performance at Christie’s held in Hong Kong and the painting was sold for 85,000 Hong Kong dollars (around 1,300,000 yen). The live show where he creates dynamic works instantly catches people’s attention and overwhelms them.

※Sumi-e art = indian ink art


He wanted to be a professional artist and started painting in public in 2011. He started by painting paper, on plywood at a park in Fukuoka city to showcase his talent. This was when he was given a business card from a stranger who later offered him a job to paint a dragon on the ceiling of a new soba noodle restaurant.

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  • Media
    August 26RIO TO TOKYO 2020 Medalists Olympic Festival.

    He appeared in a special live show on Fuji TV, ‘RIO TO TOKYO 2020 Medalists Olympic Festival.’ His Indian ink works of the athletes, that he painted on 24 pieces of 2m×1m Washi (Japanese paper) were shown to the 13 medalists and studio audience. This show was a great success.

    July 4Viking

    He appeared on a Fuji TV’s nationwide TV programme, Viking, and Shinobu Sakagami, the MC, interviewed him. The interview and feature segment of his work was on live for thirty minutes.

    AprilSekai! Nippon Ikitaihito Oendan.

    He appeared on a Japanese nationwide programme for TV Tokyo, ‘Sekai! Nippon Ikitaihito Oendan.’ He was introduced as an indian ink artist to whom an italian lady showed her respect. His activity in Fukui and live painting was broadcasted and it became a hot topic.

    Live paint
    December 17FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2016

    He was invited to perform a live painting by FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2016 (presented by Alibaba YunOS Auto) OFFICIAL BANQUET, which was carried out all in English. This world cup is the first time that Gianni Infantino had ever joined an official event as the president of FIFA. A Nishimoto’s Indian ink work was selected as an official gift from JFA for him. Nishimoto presented his work in person to the president.

    November 15Elleair Open 30th anniversary competition

    He was invited to demonstrate a live painting at the Elleair Open 30th anniversary competition. She painted a female professional golfer within 8 minutes. After the show, his talent was highly praised by many of the female professional golfers and participants. He received many calls about the work especially from female golfers and female participant, who wanted to express their excitement over his work.

    November 5Asia Pacific Corporate Games Tokyo Japan 2016

    There was a big sports event called Asia Pacific Corporate Games Tokyo Japan 2016, in MIFA Football Park, Toyosu, Tokyo, where over 10,000 people from different companies gathered. Nishimoto was invited to do a live painting on the special stage at the eve of festival. Inspired by the theme of the event and the venue, he painted a futsal player. As a result, many people asked to shake his hand outside, after the session.

    October 19Asian meeting of JP Morgan

    He was invited to an Asian meeting of JP Morgan from America, and conducted a live performance at the venue, The Ritz Carlton Tokyo. He used 5 pieces of 3m×2m liquid crystal display which had the total length of 12m. He painted a huge Yoroimusha (armored warrior) in the middle of the screen, and on both sides, the rest of the 4 panels being used for his previous pieces of work to be projected on by video, which was epic.

    After the show, he was celebrated with standing ovation, and the president of JP Morgan, who was moved by his performance, purchased the work, which is now framed and displayed at the entrance of the brunch office in Japan.

    October 13Fujishima junior high school

    Fujishima junior high school in Fukui invited him to do a live painting session, as they wanted to show the kids what Indian ink was all about. 700 kids including students from the nearby elementary school participated to see him paint. The kids asked him many questions after the session, which showed that they were really amazed by his art.

    October 9Ferrari Riverside Party 2016

    Nishimoto was invited as a special guest to the City of Waterways Osaka Festival Ferrari Riverside Party 2016, which was held at Dotonbori, Osaka city. He performed a live painting in front of 150 Ferraris, 2003’s champion F1 Ferrari, the Governor of Osaka and the Italian consul general. He painted an Italian leaping horse and it became famous in Japan. Ferrari Riverside Party 2016

    September 27JRA Prix L’Arc de Triomphe First Sale Anniversary

    He joined the event called JRA Prix L’Arc de Triomphe First Sale Anniversary, which was held at the special stage in front of Tokyo JR Yurakucho station. The fusion of AR (augmented reality) artists, who were at the cutting edge of their field and Yu-ki Nishimoto, the artist of traditional Indian ink, became a big hit. JRA

    September 10gazelle ART EXHIBITION

    He was invited to the Gazelle ART EXHIBITION, which was a launch event held at Adidas Originals flagship store in Harajuku, Tokyo. He demonstrated a live performance, the theme of which was sports. A lot of young designers joined the event and his painting became a hot topic amongst them. That piece of work was displayed until October 19th at the Adidas shop.

    June 2899th Lions Club International Convention

    Nishimoto appears on the stage as a main performer at the final general meeting of 99th Lions Club International Convention (2016). He performed a live painting using Indian ink in collaboration with new technology, AI (Artificial Intelligence) in front of representatives of each country, amounting to 40,000 people.

    May 25Shanghai Fǎhuá Mǔdān Jié

    The government of Shanghai, China invited Nishimoto to the Fǎhuá Mǔdān Jié opening ceremony. His live painting performance attracted 1,000 people and was highly praised.

    April 14 - 19Nishimoto visited 3 teams of Bundesliga

    Nishimoto visited 3 teams of Bundesliga, one of the football clubs in Germany for the first time. He visited Hertha BSC Berlin, Schalke and Borussia Dortmund. He did a live performance for them where his talent was highly recognised. This event was written about on the website for Hertha BSC Berlin and Genki Haraguchi, who is a Japanese football player, who also tweeted about it.Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Jos Luhukay!

    Exhibition / work offering
    November 5New Balance global flog store at Harajuku in Japan

    New Balance opened its first global flog store at Harajuku in Japan. His work of athlete is displayed directly behind the main cashier on the 1st floor as a statement piece.

    November 3Shojoji temple

    Shojoji temple, which is going to be 500 years old in seven years in Saeki city, Oita, asked Nishimoto to paint a 10 metre long Indian ink art piece on Fusuma (Japanese traditional wood-framed sliding door).

    This work of art will not be open to the public for seven years, however, the temple will allow it to be made available to the public for just one hour, when the huge bell in the temple rings once a year on New year’s Eve (Joya no Kane), because, after they announced that Nishimoto worked on this painting in Fusuma, many people called and emailed the temple to see his work. The piece will be open to the public in conjunction with the temple becoming 500 years old.

    July 30Himeji Literature Museum located in Himeji Castle

    Using Indian ink, Nishimoto painted a corridor mural for the Himeji Literature Museum located in Himeji Castle, which was renovated in March. His work, painted in the Rekishi Monogatari Daikairo (The big corridor of historical tale) extends for 70 metre on the first floor. People have been talking about the masterpiece since it was opened to the public.

    July 1All-Japan deaf volleyball team

    He got a job offer from the All-Japan deaf volleyball team to design their jersey. The T-shirt was shown at the world championship in July. All-Japan deaf volleyball team

    July 1 - August 28Wa no Akari

    For two months from July, the exhibition, Wa no Akari, had been held at Meguro Gajoen. His works of art were displayed at Cultural Property, Hyakudan Kaidan Zippo no Ma (100 steps of stairway), which is situated within the estate. He performed a live painting on June 30th, one day before the exhibition started. In response to many requests from his fans, he did a live painting again in front of the public on July 3th.Wa no Akari

    June 23 - July 30Ronin Gallery

    From June 23rd until July 30th, his works of art were displayed at the Ronin Gallery in New York. This was the first time his work had been exhibited in America. These works were purchased by a British buyer

    March 24 - 26Art Basel 2016

    He joined the Art Basel 2016, held in Hong Kong. His works were showcased at the KG Hong Kong booth.

    February 5He opened his first permanent art gallery

    He opened his first permanent art gallery in Fukui city, where his unique contemporary art, Toubokuga, has recently caught people’s attention, and where the public can also buy products relating to his art. Art gallery in Fukui city

  • Media
    March 30News Watch 9

    Nishimoto’s work was recognised by ‘News Watch 9,’ a NHK General TV program, which started on March 30th. His original Indian ink work was specifically selected for the opening scene of their programme. ‘News Watch 9’ airs Monday to Friday at 21:00 (JST).

    March 28Sakura Mankai! Hoshi ha Manten! Kioku ni Nokoru ‘Uchu Zekkei’

    He appeared on a NHK General TV’s live special programme, ‘Sakura Mankai! Hoshi ha Manten! Kioku ni Nokoru ‘Uchu Zekkei’’ and performed a live painting show at the Daigoji-temple, world heritage in Kyoto.

    February 28Senpai ROCK YOU

    Nishimoto was introduced as one of the most notable young Indian ink artists on ‘Senpai ROCK YOU,’ a nationwide TV show by Nippon TV. As a result, his work became a popular topic in Japan.

    Live paint
    SeptemberFukuoka Asia Prize Award Ceremony

    Nishimoto appeared on stage as a special guest at the Fukuoka Asia Prize Award Ceremony, where he conducted a live performance collaborating with the Kyushu University, Graduate School of Design. He had the honour of performing in front of His Imperial Highness Prince Akishinomiya, and his innovative performance –the fusion of Indian ink with CGI became widely known in Japan.

    August 16CAPCOM Sengoku Basara special exhibition

    Nishimoto demonstrated a live painting for the CAPCOM Sengoku Basara special exhibition held at the Saitama Prefectural Museum of History and Folklore. His performance attracted over 1,200 visitors which reached a new record for a paid exhibition. You can read the article about this event, written by two popular video game magazines as follows (all in Japanese).

    ・4Gamer Report live performance・Famitsu Report live performance

    July 25Number Shot 2015

    He took part in Number Shot 2015, held in Kyushu. This event is the largest rock festival in Kyushu, where 20,000 audience members attended. He demonstrated a live Indian ink painting, while musicians performed.

    May 3Sengoku Daimyo exhibition

    He performed a live painting session during the Sengoku Daimyo exhibition, which was held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Kyushu National Museum. The painting was displayed at the museum from the 22nd to the 31st of May.

    Exhibition / work offering
    July 18CAPCOM Sengoku Basara special exhibition

    Nishimoto painted 30 pieces for a CAPCOM’s video game, Sengoku Basara 4. All 30 pieces were exhibited together for the first time at the CAPCOM Sengoku Basara special exhibition. The event, which was hosted by the Saitama Prefectural Museum of History and Folklore, showcased Nishimoto’s works until August 30th.This further increased his popularity.

    June 1T-shirts of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks players

    Using Indian ink, he designed a T-shirt of Hiroki Kuroda, who played for Hiroshima Toyo Carp as a pitcher and they were made available for public sale. He also designed three more T-shirts of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks players (Yu-ki Yanagita, Nobuhiro Matsuda, etc), also for public sale in Japan.

    May 20Neuron

    Dr. Masanori Murayama from the Riken Brain Science Institute Physical and Chemical Research Laboratory asked Nishimoto to paint a cover page for his research paper for American Scientific Journal, ‘Neuron.’ Nishimoto painted his work using only the information provided by Dr. Murayama about his research. Dr. Murayama’s research was published on May 20th 2015 at a press conference.
    You can read about his research in English in the link below: Riken

    MarchUniversal Music LLC’s headquarters in Aoyama

    In the past, Nishimoto painted two murals within the walls of the Universal Music LLC’s headquarters in Aoyama. His works were highly regarded by staff members, so he was asked to paint another mural.

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  • Exhibition / work offering
    JanuaryCAPCOM’s best-selling game, ‘Sengoku Basara 4’

    Yu-ki Nishimoto was invited to bring the characters from a CAPCOM’s best-selling game, ‘Sengoku Basara 4’ to life, using his method of Indian ink painting. He painted 30 pieces of Indian ink art and they were widely acclaimed by his fans from all over the world.

    Live paint
    NovemberOMEGA presents Ambassador Ball 2014 "SustainingTime"

    Only Nishimoto was invited as a Japanese guest to the OMEGA Presents Ambassador Ball 2014, Sustaining Time, held in Hong Kong where he performed a live painting. This work, ‘Dragon,’ was sold for 85,000 Hong Kong dollars at Christie’s.

    FebruaryMarina Bay Sands

    He was invited as a guest performer to demonstrate a live painting at Marina Bay Sands, a hotel in Singapore for its Chinese New Year celebration event.

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  • Exhibition / work offering
    December - February 1, 2002Drum TAO, for their 25th anniversary production

    He collaborated with Japan’s famous drum theater group, Drum TAO, for their 25th anniversary production ‘17 Samurais.’ He painted all the characters, and he also completed the stage background and curtains using his trademark Indian ink.

    AprilKurauchi’s former house

    Nishimoto worked on an Indian ink painting of a dragon and Buddha, which is decorated at Kurauchi’s former house, Tangible Cultural Property in Chikujo town, Fukuoka.Town Chikujo History walk

    2014 2012
  • Awards
    Out of over 5,300 submissions representing 63 countries, Nishimoto’s painting won the World’s Best Piece Award at the EMBRACING OUR DIFFERENCES contest in Florida, America in 2012.
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